The PILGRIM platform has benefited from the help of
the « Pays de la Loire Territoires d’Innovation » funding.
Territoires d'Innovation Pays Loire RVB

This on-going project is led by Pr. Philippe Leray and has involved many contributors so far at different scales.

Main contributors (as part of their Ph.D., Research Engineers)

PILGRIM Relational

  • Anthony Coutant
  • Mouna Ben Ishak
  • Rajani Chulyadyo
  • Marwa El Abri
  • Thierno Kante


  • Amanullah Yasin
  • Ghada Trabelsi
  • David Romano


  • Damien Vintache
  • Thomas Vincent
  • Séverine Rubin

Occasional contributors (Interns, debugging users)

PILGRIM Relational

  • Ahmed Abdelwahab
  • Ahmed Abdellatif
  • Pierre Gouret
  • Brice Guillermic
  • Corentin Ovyn


  • Clément Niel
  • Romain Rincé
  • Toader Gherasim


  • François Gruau
  • Oussama Samer
  • Stéphane Baldacci
  • Thierry Le Tuaut
  • Elise Morineau
  • Camille Papin

The PILGRIM platform owes some of its features and code to the legacy ProBT Structure Learning Package (ProBT-SLP), especially the PILGRIM General project. Thus, we would like to thank main contributors of this package which include :

Ph.D. (research team)

  • Raphael Mourad
  • Sourour Kessentini
  • Montassar Ben Messaoud
  • Hoai-Tuong Nguyen

Ph.D. (external)

  • François Schnitzler


  • Christian Briscan
  • Nicolas Chartier
  • Ngo Quoc Dung